iPad vs. Samsung Tablet: Which One Should I Purchase?

Samsung and Apple are two of the biggest competitors in tech. The Apple iPad is modern, sleek, and innovative, but it’s more expensive. Samsung tablets get the job done at a more affordable price. So, which one should you buy? Here’s what we think.

The original Apple iPad was released in 2009, and it now comes in different styles and sizes. Today, you can purchase an iPad Pro, iPad, iPad mini, or iPad Air.

The iPad Pro measures 12.9 inches, can store up to 2 terabytes of information, includes a 12-megapixel wide camera and a 10-megapixel ultrawide camera. iPad Pro also has 5G capability. When you purchase an iPad Pro, the price will depend on how much internal storage you purchase. A 128 gigabyte iPad Pro costs $1,099, while the 2 terabyte version costs $2,199.

The classic iPad is a great option, but it has fewer features than the iPad Pro. It measures 10.2 inches, has an 8-megapixel camera, 12-megapixel front-facing camera, and has 4G capabilities. You can purchase 256 gigabytes for $479.

The iPad Air and the classic iPad are very similar, except the iPad Air screen measures 10.5 inches.

The iPad Mini is a more convenient option if you want a smaller tablet you can take anywhere. It measures 8.3 inches, can store up to 256 gigabytes of information, has a 12-megapixel camera in the back and front of the iPad, and has 5G capabilities. The iPad Mini has better features than the classic iPad, just with a smaller screen. You can purchase a 256-gigabyte model for $649.

Pros and Cons of an iPad
The good news is iPad’s use Apple iOS, which is found to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Also, Apple has an amazing security system to prevent theft and other security breaches online.

The bad news is that with iPad’s, you are unable to add more storage or insert SD cards as you can with Samsung products. The amount of storage you purchase is what you will be allowed, but you can back up some of your information on an iPad to iCloud services. Also, iPad’s and Apple products are usually much more expensive than Samsung or Andriod products.

Samsung Tablets
The latest Samsung tablet on the market is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. With the Galaxy S7, you can choose from different screen sizes, add cellular data for an extra cost, and add up to 1 terabyte of extra storage. The tablet comes with 512 gigabytes built-in already. It has a fast processor and a beautiful display screen with vibrant colors.

Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy Tablets
If you’re more of a Windows user than an Apple or Mac user, a Samsung Galaxy tablet may be better for you. If you’re more experienced with computers, Samsung tablets are more customizable than an iPad. You can have multiple users on a Samsung, whereas you can’t on an iPad.

Unfortunately, the interface of a Samsung tablet isn’t as easy to use or as user-friendly as an iPad. Also, Samsung uses open-source coding, so the applications that run on its tablets can be glitchy sometimes.

What should I get?
The decision is ultimately up to you. If you aren’t a computer person, we suggest an iPad. If you are a comfortable computer user and want to save some money, we suggest a Samsung tablet.