How to Save Money While Shopping for Clothes

Are you looking for a more affordable way to buy the cutest clothes? Here’s how you can do just that, on a budget.

Find Coupons on Store Apps
Many clothing stores like JC Penney’s and Forever 21 offer special discounts and coupons through their mobile apps. It’s also a great way to save your favorite clothing on wish lists to purchase later!

Rewards Programs
Many stores now offer rewards programs. If a cashier doesn’t mention it, ask! Many places have rewards programs through their mobile app, or you will sign up in-store and will be asked to give your email or phone number to sign up. Once you collect so many points, you’ll get reward coupons to use for future purchases.

Hunt for Your Deals
Sometimes, stores hide the good deals towards the end or the edges of the store, and the most expensive items towards the middle of the store where most of the customer’s shop. Don’t be afraid to search far and wide for a good deal!

Thrift Shopping
Thrift shopping is one of the best ways to save money on clothes. Check out Goodwill or your other local thrift shops. Be patient, because you may have to search or keep going back to find a great deal! Some thrift shops will sell even luxury brand items. Always keep your eyes peeled.

Keep Track of Sales
Certain stores like Victoria’s Secret will have scheduled sales every year, like their semi-annual sale where most of their products are up to 75 percent off. Track when your favorite stores hold sales and you’ll always be prepared for a deal!

Take Customer Surveys
When you go shopping in person, always keep your receipts! Most stores will offer a small discount of 10 percent or so after you complete an online survey about your in-store or online shopping experience.

Avoid Outlet Stores
Many outlet stores advertise *incredible* discounts on their items, when in reality they are very similar, if not the same price you would pay in the actual store. It’s probably better to just purchase from the store, where you could also earn rewards points if you are signed up for one.

Apply for the Credit Card
If you have good credit, consider opening a store credit card. Many places like Torrid, Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, and others will give you an in-store discount of 20 percent when you register and get approved for their credit card. Your purchase will then be loaded onto the credit card, but you’ll save a bit! Just remember to pay off the credit card payment as soon as you can.