How to Prepare Your Car for Trade-In

Are you looking to trade your used car in for a newer, better one? Here’s what you should know before you act on it.

Determine Your Car’s Value
To determine your car’s value, you can do three things–check websites, check with a dealership, or use Kelley Blue Book.

Researching the Internet can give you an idea of what other people paid for the same type of car, so you’ll be able to price out your car more accurately. Kelley Blue Book is an online database that will also help you price out your car. It’s also a good idea to check with multiple dealerships to get second opinions on what your car is worth.

Make Repairs
Before you take your car to trade it in, make sure there are no major issues with it. To get the best value for your car, you’ll want to have it in good condition. Inspect the inside and outside of the car, looking for damaged parts, lights, etc. You may have to visit a licensed mechanic to check your car for bigger issues, but try to fix any small issue by yourself if you can. Remember–each problem you fix can bring up the value of your car!

Clean It Thoroughly!
It’s common courtesy to clean your car before trading it in or selling it to anyone. Take the time to vacuum out your car, clean the vinyl parts, and give the outside a good bath before you trade in the car.

Time Your Trade-In
In certain cases, you may be able to get a better deal for your trade-in based on what season you take it in. Although it may be hard to wait, being patient can pay off!

Gather Your Documents
It’s important to have all of your documents pertaining to your car, including the title, and any paperwork from any work done on the car. Be sure to include maintenance history, parts receipts, and your car’s registration as well.

If you’re planning on trading in your car anytime soon, these five steps can be very important to the process. You want to get your money’s worth, don’t you?