Style Advice for Young Women

Women in their 20’s are in the prime of their lives. You’re graduating college, starting a career, and possibly dating for a life companion. Why not look stylish while doing it? Here’s our best advice for creating a style that inspires you every day.

Dress for Comfort
While that pair of heels may look cute, are they comfortable to wear? It’s always good to choose comfort over fashion, and you’ll learn this as you get older. Being in a comfortable business casual outfit for 8 hours is much better than wearing stiff clothing and uncomfortable shoes that will leave you in pain all night.

Shop Based on Inspiration
The best way to dress is by inspiration. Is there a celebrity’s style you love? Is there someone you know in real life who you think dresses well? Take inspiration from those people. Make a list of all the people who’s fashion sense inspires you. Ask them for fashion advice if you are able to. If you can’t ask them, observe what they wear and try to base your outfits off of that.

Create a Visual Style Guide
Collect images to inspire your fashion. Create a Pinterest board of fashion ideas. Gather some old magazines and clip images that inspire your style. Save images to your phone for an easy collection tool.

Thrifting is OK
Many people you know may be thrifting some of the cutest outfits you’ve seen. Go to your local Goodwill and other thrift shops. Do a Google search to see if there are any thrift shops in your area you don’t know about. If it’s in season, check out garage sales and yard sales. Check online resale sites like Mercari and PoshMark. Some of the best clothing you will find are in these places. And you’ll be getting a great deal!

Create a Capsule Wardrobe
A Capsule Wardrobe allows you to mix and match to put together puerfect outfits instantly. In a Capsule Wardrobe, you should purchase basic items to go with other clothing items. Like a plain white shirt, or black pants. These items can be matched with other items in your closet like a cardigan or blazer, to give you a very stylish look.