Check Out These Fascinating Factoids About Cars

Like most people, you probably depend on your vehicle just about every day. Your automobile offers convenience and eases that you couldn’t experience otherwise. There are many facts you probably didn’t realize about cars.


1. The Are Some Heavy Hitters in the Production World. China and the United States lead the way in car production. Japan isn’t far behind in third place, a spot the country secured in 1980.


2. The Most Expensive Car Sold for a Cool $8.7 Million. This happened back in 1987 when a 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe was sold at this price tag. The race car is still the current record holder. 


3. The Most Popular of the 1900s. A lot happened during this century of car-making. Of all the cars that appeared on the roads of the world, the Volkswagen Beetle topped them all in terms of sales. More than 20 million were sold across the globe. 


4. What Color Do You Like? Cars come in all shapes, sizes and styles. You can pick among limitless colors too. It may surprise you to know that in 2013 white was the most popular color. Though dirt and grime will show up on this color much more easily, studies show that white cars are in fewer accidents. Strange, maybe, but true. Black, silver and gray come next in popularity. 


5. Availability for the Masses. Today, cars are a fixture in most people’s lives. It wasn’t until 1908 that vehicles were affordable and available for most people to purchase. This is when Henry Ford unveiled his Model T. He started producing these cars on an assembly line at faster and more prolific rates. His vehicles were less expensive than other options at the time, making the Model T extremely popular. 


6. A Big-Seller. Worldwide, there are nearly a billion cars on the road. You’ll find sedans, compact cars, SUVs, vans, trucks and other types of vehicles. Of everything available today, the Toyota Corolla is the most popular. You can find this model in 150 countries in the world. In fact, every 15 seconds, the manufacturer sells a Corolla. The company has sold more than 44 million of this model. You won’t have to go far to find one.


7. Before the Model T. While this automobile might be among the most famous of all time, it was not the first. Great minds started conceiving the idea of vehicles even centuries before. However, it was Carl Benz who wins the prize for developing the first vehicle. His Benz Patent Motorwagen came out in 1885 and reached a top speed of a blistering 16 mph. 


8. Room for Plenty. Vehicles are intricate and amazing. Just take a look at this fact: Cars have more than 30,000 parts and components. Some are well-known and prominent, while you probably haven’t heard of many others. This gives you some appreciation for the skilled engineers, designers and manufacturers who put these incredible machines together. 


9. Could You Drive That? Limousines are among the most iconic, unique vehicles in the world. A California automobile enthusiast takes the cake for the longest car ever built. One of his creations is an astounding 100 feet long. Imagine backing in that limo or trying to orchestrate a U-turn! Inside, this vehicle is an eye-opener. It has a swimming pool with a diving board as well as a king-size water bed for passengers who need to catch some sleep. Oh, don’t forget the helicopter pad, just in case. 


10. Catching the Bad Guys. It’s never smart to exceed the speed limit and put people in danger. If you live in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, it’s especially unwise to get into a high-speed chase. Here, the police department uses the Bugatti Veyron, the fastest police car in the world. It can go faster than 250 mph and boasts 1,000 horsepower. It can get up to 60 mph in under three seconds. 


11. The Early Day Price Tags. At the turn of the 20th century, a new automobile would run you about $825. The Model T was worth less than $1,000. This wasn’t exactly pocket change at the time, though. In today’s dollars, these figures are more than $20,000. Brand-new models today cost in the neighborhood of $30,000. 


12. Long-Lasting. With proper maintenance and care, you can get more life out of your vehicle. Do you think yours could last for 82 years? That’s probably a stretch, but it’s just what one Rolls-Royce owner experienced. This is the longest-known longevity for any vehicle. It’s fair to say this owner got their money’s worth out of it. 


Your automobile allows you to get from place to place, whether it’s to and from work, to tourist attractions or to everyday destinations for personal needs. Cars have a long history with some intriguing facts and figures to go along with them. Think about some of these the next time you start up your vehicle’s engine.