25 Interesting Facts About Cars

When Karl Benz built the first gasoline-powered vehicle in 1885, who could’ve known how it would change the world. Today, vehicles impact just about everyone in one way or another.


Busy Production Lines

Every year, about 70 million cars are produced. These vehicles come in all shapes and sizes.


A Big Number

There is almost one car for every human living. That means the number of vehicles on the planet total more than 1 billion.


An Early Bargain

Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a brand-new quality car for less than $10,000. In 1925, a new vehicle came was as low as $250.


Try To Count Them

You don’t have to be a professional mechanic to know that a car is made up of many parts and components. You would have to be an expert on cars to know that one comes with more than 30,000 different parts.


In a Jam?

You may spend a lot of time in your automobile doing nothing but sitting on the road. The average person in America spends 42 hours a year stuck in traffic.


Lock it Up

If you have a Honda Accord, you had better be careful. This is the most stolen car on the market.


Time for a Car Wash?

Consistently washing your car can and add life to the exterior and other parts. If you live in Russia, it’s illegal to drive a dirty vehicle.


Are You Guilty?

It can be easy to put off a car wash. In fact, 16% of car owners acknowledge that they never wash their vehicles.


Tearing up the Track

Auto racing is a popular spectator event. The first automobile race in the United States, however, was less than thrilling by today’s standards. The top speed was 15 mph.


Theft Deterrent

The BMW in South Africa comes with an interesting option. Drivers here can choose a flamethrower add-on to prevent car-jackings.


Which Side?

In the United States, all driving is on the left side of the road. This is the case in 35% of places around the world, meaning the other 65% drive on the right side.


In the Lead

Toyota sets the pace for automobile production. The manufacturer makes 13,000 a day.


A Rare Gem

You don’t see many Ferraris around. That’s because only 14 per day are made.


Other End of the Spectrum

You won’t have to go far to see a Toyota Corolla. This popular vehicle finds a new owner every 40 seconds.


When the Rubber Hits the Road

Every year, drivers discard 280 million tires. That’s a lot of rubber.


Remember Those?

Tape cassette players were once a staple in cars. The last model to include one was the 2011 Ford Crown Victoria.


Quiet Down!

Shut your car doors quietly if you live in Switzerland. You can be ticketed if you slam a door after 10 p.m. there.


Not so Innovative

Electric cars are all the rage today. The truth is, more than one-third of all vehicles were electric back in 1900.


Be All You Can Be

The Jeep is one of the most iconic vehicles around. You can credit the U.S. military for developing it in 1940.


Buckle Up

Got the funds to buy a Ferrari 458 Spider? Be careful. This automobile is the most likely one in the world to suffer an accident.



In 2014, a 77-year-old named Irv Gordon made history. He passed 3 million miles in his 1966 Volvo 1800S.


Keep on Kicking

The Rolls Royce seems to be a durable automobile. Today, 65% of all models are still on the road.


Watch the Count

Don’t push your car’s remote more than 255 times if you’re not in range. It will no longer work.


Back in Time

The classic film “Back to the Future” used a 1981 DeLorean as its time travel device. Originally, the filmmakers were going to use a refrigerator.


Computer Geeks

Programmers use more than 100 million lines of code for Bentley Bentayaga’s computer system. Talk about tedious work!


The next time you get behind the wheel of your automobile, consider these tidbits. It may help you appreciate your vehicle even more.