Top 10 Fun and Amusing Truck Facts

Do you have what it takes to drive a truck? Whether you’re a semi truck driver, considering a career change or just interested in learning fun and amusing facts about trucks, here are the top 10 facts you probably didn’t know about the trucking industry. Test your trucking knowledge with your friends to see who knows the most about these 18-wheeled powerhouses.


  1. There Are a Lot of Truckers

According to recent reports, there are as many as 15.5 million truck drivers in the United States alone. These trucks form essential supply lines all across the country.


  1. Expect More Truckers in the Future

The number of jobs in this industry is expected to grow by 21% over the next decade. If you think 15.5 million is a lot, prepare for even more truck drivers in the future.


  1. 18 Wheels Are a Blessing

If you’ve always felt there was something special about driving with 18 wheels, you’re probably right. According to Jewish tradition, 18 is a blessing and the word also means life.


  1. Peterbilt Started as a Logging Truck

One popular brand of semi trucks is Peterbilt. This company got its name from T.A. Peterman, a lumber businessman who needed a new way to transport logs. He developed the Model 260 using a revamped army truck.


  1. Spielberg Directed a Trucking Movie

You may be more familiar with “Jaws,” but Steven Spielberg’s first film was “Duel.” This movie featured a battle between a crazed truck driver and a motorist.


  1. The First Female Truck Driver

In 1929, Lille McGee Drennan became the first commercial truck driver to carry a license and drive a commercial rig. This gun-toting, truck-driving woman broke into the industry and helped encourage other women to get behind the wheel and travel the country.


  1. Few Women Drive Trucks

Despite this ground-breaking work, few women follow Lillie McGee Drennan’s footsteps. The industry is currently 94-95% male. Only 5-6% of truck drivers are women.


  1. Trucking Is a Lucrative Industry

Driving a truck is a surprisingly lucrative career move. There are a number of ways to enter the industry, whether you own your own truck, lease a truck or work for a company. Expect to make as much as $50 an hour as a truck driver. If you haul hazardous materials or work in other demanding situations, expect to make even more behind the wheel.


  1. Driving a Truck Is a Hazardous Career

Part of the high salary for truckers comes from the risks involved. While sitting behind a wheel may seem similar to sitting in an office, these professionals face more risks than you may imagine. Truck drivers have some of the highest chances of becoming ill on the job. Many professionals have to spend days, weeks or even months away from home during long-haul trips.


  1. America Needs Truckers

As much as 70% of all American cargo is hauled by truck. Around 95% of sensitive goods are also hauled this way, making truck drivers a crucial part of our national infrastructure. Whether you’re a trucker or considering trucking for a career, there’s a lot to respect about these crucial professionals.