Top 10 Facts New Pickup Buyers May Not Know

There’s nothing like a pickup truck in terms of power and convenience. Whether you’re hauling a trailer, traveling over off-road trails or simply enjoying the extra cargo space, here are 10 facts you probably didn’t know about pickup trucks.


  1. It’s All About Engine Choices

Just how much power do you need? All trucks have an impressive amount of horsepower, but some trucks have as many as seven engine/transmission combinations for you to customize the power of your truck.

  1. Luxury Has Its Perks

Most people think of sports cars when they hear about luxury vehicles. Your pickup truck can be equipped with a range of luxurious interior, exterior, engine and transmission features. Different manufacturers have their own trim packages and available add-ons, so shop around to enjoy a luxury truck.

  1. Enjoy Tax Advantages

Choose a vehicle with a GVWR over 6,000 pounds for tax advantages. Ford and Jeep are a few manufacturers that offer these heavy-duty options. Cut down on your taxes while investing in an impressively powerful transportation option.

  1. HD Trucks Aren’t Fuel Efficient

All this power comes with a few limitations. If you’re shopping for a truck over 8,501 pounds, it may not be rated by the EPA for fuel efficiency. Balance fuel economy with hauling capabilities and consider what you need out of your truck.

  1. Prepare for Wide Turns

Trucks are typically longer than cars, SUVs and other vehicles. Most drivers don’t realize how long a truck truly is. A crew cab HD with an eight-foot bed is going to feel like a bus or semi truck when making turns.

  1. Cab Sizes Vary

How many passengers are you planning on driving around? Some trucks only have a single bench, while others have a spacious back seat for four or more adults in the cab.

  1. Emissions Have Come a Long Way

In 1988, a truck had about 60 times the exhaust emissions as modern trucks. Your pickup may not be as environmentally friendly as an electric car, but it’s lightyears ahead of an 80s truck.

  1. Few Truck Owners Use Them Professionally

Despite the professional capabilities of a truck, most drivers prefer to use them for their DIY projects or everyday cargo. There’s just something about the height, size and power of a truck that drivers love.

  1. Tailgate Nets Are a Thing

A tailgate net cuts down the overall weight of your truck. It’s also an affordable replacement if your stock tailgate rusts out or becomes damaged. It may not be as practical or convenient as a full tailgate, but it’s a popular option for some truck drivers.

  1. Camper Trucks Are a Popular Camping Option

Looking for a unique way to overland or enjoy rugged campsites? Upgrade your truck to carry a truck camper. Camper trucks require aftermarket suspension and other components, but a truck is far easier to navigate muddy backroads than a massive RV.

Check out the latest Ford, Chevy or other makes and models of pickup trucks today to find your next ride. Whether you need a work truck or a heavy-duty trailer hauling option, there’s nothing like a pickup truck.