7 Scientific Facts That Prove Travel is Good For Your Health

Besides exposing you to new cultures, traveling is scientifically proven to be good for your health.Travel is great for your physical and brain health, with many travelers proclaiming that travel has helped lower their stress levels too.


Start planning your next vacation and begin enjoying the health benefits that many travelers have come to enjoy. Below are 7 reasons travel can change your life while improving your health at the same time.


Travel Decreases Stress

Researchers have proven that taking a vacation can increase your happiness, eliminate depression and reduce your stress levels. A recent study found that people felt less anxious and experienced a boost in mood levels after taking a 3-day vacation. Best of all, these improvements lasted for weeks after the traveler returned home.


Travel Boosts Your Immune System

Antibodies are proteins that work together to help protect your body from harmful bacteria. Researchers believe that some exposure to bacteria and dirt can actually make your body stronger and more resilient. Because travel exposes you to different environments with different germs, this exposure can be good for your immune system. However, this does not mean that you are invincible on the road. You should still wash your hands on a regular basis and practice good hygiene. But exposing your body to different germs can do wonders when it comes to making your immune system stronger.


Travel Improves Your Brain Health

Traveling to another country opens your mind, introduces you to new people and helps you become more adaptable and culturally aware. All of this means great things for your brain health because researchers believe that new experiences can keep your mind working well and while increasing your cognitive abilities. Additionally, a recent study found that college students who study abroad are more emotionally stable than students who choose to stay at home.


Travel Can Decrease Your Risk of Getting Heart Disease

A recent study found that people who travel on at least a yearly basis are less likely to suffer from a serious heart attack or develop heart disease. This decreased risk is likely attributed to the fact that travel can reduce stress and improve mental health. A stress-free getaway to the beach might be just what the doctor ordered if you suffer from high blood pressure or if you have a family history of heart disease.


Travel Helps You Stay Fit

Even though travel often involves sitting for long periods of time in airplanes and buses, it also comes with plenty of chances to be active as well. When you travel, you are more likely to try an extreme sport or spend hours walking around a city to see the sites. Most people tend to become more adventurous when they travel, and this usually propels people to go for long hikes or spend all day swimming at the beach. Traveling involves lots of opportunities to see new things and even more opportunities to stay active.


Travel May Help You Live Longer

Yes, research actually shows that travel can help increase your life expectancy. Whether domestic or international, travel enhances our lives and can help reduce stress, keep your body healthy and improve brain health. All of these things can help you live longer and have a great time doing it.


Travel Can Help Boost Creativity

Are you aware that creative people tend to live healthier lives? Because traveling often requires you to come up with solutions to complex problems quickly, your creativity will inevitably increase.


Travel is scientifically proven to decrease stress, improve brain health and help you stay fit. Therefore, pack your bags and get ready to experience the health benefits that your next vacation brings.