5 Fun Facts About Your Favorite Designer Handbags

From Louis Vuitton to Hermes, designer handbags have been in style for almost a century. Designers love to experiment with new trends and predict next year’s big fashion statement piece, and the world’s most popular handbags reflect that drive. If you’re a handbag fashionista who needs more closet space to fit all your newest bags, you might enjoy learning some of the fun facts behind them. Here are five facts that add a little more character to your designer bag.


1. Louis Vuitton Is the Most Counterfeited Brand

There’s hardly a more exceptional bag designer than Louis Vuitton that prefers an iconic canvas look. Instead of using leather, which is used by many other designers, these bags are almost all made from canvas for durability and style. The handles and trim may be the only place you can locate leather on these fashionable accessories. It’s no wonder that they’re the most counterfeited bags in the world.


2. Hermes Makes the Most Expensive Bags

A designer bag doesn’t get much classier or chic than the collection made each year by Hermes. These bags are the priciest of all brands, ranging from $10,000 to $120,000. This isn’t surprising when you consider how much work can go into a single bag. The Kelly bag requires 2,600 stitches done by hand, and it could take over a year for delivery. If you want to make a statement, there’s nothing quite like a Hermes bag.


3. Chanel 2:55 Bag Is Named After its Release Date

Sometimes simple is best. The Chanel 2:55 bag is named after the date it was launched, February of 1955. With its classic flap function and look, it has stayed popular ever since.


4. A Hermes Bag Was Named After a French Actress

The Birkin bag was inspired by French actress Jane Birkin. Birkin could only ever find poor-quality handbags in stores, and after telling this to the Hermes’ president, he launched the Birkin luxury handbag collection.


5. Chanel Has the Handbag With the Biggest Gains

The Chanel 2:55 is so popular, it continues to increase in price every year. The bag goes up, on average, an incredible 15% for each new season. If you want one of these iconic bags, you’d better get it sooner rather than later.

A designer bag is just as much fun to learn about as it is to wear. Walking through the streets of New York City with one of these means accessorizing with fashion and history all in one.