Spring Cleaning for Your Car

Spring is almost here! Before you decide to hit the road, think about giving your car a refreshing look this season.
Brush the Mats and Carpet
Need to remove built up dirt and grim off of your floors? Use a stiff bristled brush to remove any excess dirt from the depths of your car mats and carpet. Then vacuum both to clean up any excess dirt from scrubbing.
Vacuum the Inside
First, remove all trash and unwanted items from your car to make room to vacuum. Use a vacuum with a bristled brush to clean up any excess dirt from the seats and floors. Use a small, angled vacuum head to clean crevices and hard-to-reach spots throughout your car.
Wash Your Tires
Prepare a bucket of warm water with dish soap (a teaspoon of soap per gallon will be plenty). Then used a bristled brush to scrub your tires and rims. If you have a lot of built-up dirt, let the soapy water soak on the tire for a few minutes then scrub it.
Hand Wash the Outside
A throughout, hand wash will make your car look beautiful on the outside. Use a special car wash solution versus dish soap–this will make your car shine! After you rinse, wash, and rinse again, use a rubber squeegee to clean off any excess water. If you feel like it, dry the rest ofo your car with a soft towel to keep it shiny.
Clean the Windows
To finish spring cleaning your car, let’s make sure your windows are squeaky clean. Normal window cleaner like Windex may be too harsh for your car windows, and may leave too many streaks. Try to find an ammonia free window cleaner to keep the windows protected. Then use a soft cloth to wipe the windows clean.

Just follow these five, simple steps and your car will look beautifully clean this spring!