iOS 15 Features: What’s New?

Apple recently release iOS 15 for iPhones. What’s included in the new update?

Notifications on iPhones have been redesigned to lessen distractions. Notifications will be put into a summary once a number of notifications have been collected, so you won’t be distracted by each one popping up. Notifications are displayed by priority. Also, applications have the option to be enlarged for people who have trouble seeing.

Focus Feature
iPhone users now have the option to set “focus times” on their phones. Focus mode will only alert you of important notifications, based on what you set as important. Users can also set their iPhone in Do Not Disturb, Work Focus, and other custom modes. If you have an iPad or Mac connected to your iPhone, they will also be put into these special modes when you set them on your iPhone.

Apple Maps
Maps now include more detailed routes, with improved transit features, such as the ability to ‘pin’ favorite routes, public transit notifications and delays, and AR walking directions. There’s also a new 3D view feature for select cities that shows enhanced scenery that shows buildings, crosswalks, and bike lanes.

Safari now has updated features such as easier controls, compact tabs, and the ability to group tabs. Group tabs allow users to save and access tabs across any device they use Safari on. Other new safari features include a customizable start page and webpage extensions.

Health App
The Apple Health app now allows users to share their health information with other people like family and friends. The app also detects trends in users’ health. COVID-19 vaccinations and test results can now be stored in the Health app as well.

Other New Features
iOS 15 also includes new and exciting features like new privacy features, the ability to add your ID to your Apple Wallet, text recognition in images, Weather app updates, and spatial audio in FaceTime calls.